The Black Cloud Project

Have you ever thought about the amount of CO2 emissions in the air?  Have you ever thought about it effect in climate change?  We always want to reduce air pollution because of it enormous affect in environment and health although we create it.  Therefore black cloud has been innovate a sensor that going to tell you how, where and when you should concern about your indoor and outdoor air.  This sensor visualize when your air polluted in graphs, it trace CO2, light, VOC, endless noise, and heat in measurement cycle going to show in graph where you located the sensor. Currently 2 sensors are located in Jeddah one at Dar AlHekma College and the other one inside KAUST campus. Partnership research is going on the Black Cloud between Berkeley University, KAUST and DAH. This is a new movement for better pure environment . Naqa’a Team is taking  part of this research, on April 13 we are going to present the black cloud measurement to all DAH community as part of celebrating the World Health Care! So stay tone, you  will witness the results.

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1 Response to The Black Cloud Project

  1. Muna Abdulkadir says:

    Brilliant idea, I wonder what the graph will indicate in Palestine Street next to my house!!!

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