On April 11, 2 mechanical engineers  “ Mr. Abubaker Sayed and Mr.Anas Qasemi “ and 2 environmental engineers “Mr. Eric Martin and Ms.Maria Luisa” from KAUST graduate students presented their project KAUST KOMPOST Cooperation under the title TRASH LAB at Dar AlHekma College. This presentation was hosted by Naqa’a team parallel to Dar Al- Hekma College Excessive Food Campaign that is organized by the Student Government.

DAH community learned about the challenge to produce the most fertile organic compost in the most sustainable fashion. KAUST KOMPOST is aiming to take the waste from KAUST community sources while helping to reduce KAUST’S big waste footprint.  Students at DAH had the opportunity to help in effort and to understand the concept of the compost operation as well as how it can be sustainable. So here is Naqa’a encouraging  DAH to support green practices along with KAUST!

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1 Response to KAUST KOMPOST at Dar AlHekma

  1. eva says:

    maybe you ladies can use the idea from starbucks that i showed you!! (taking the used grounds and using them as fertilizer!)

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