Mapping the future of Water and Energy in Saudi Arabia

An intensive  workshop was help for 2 consecutive days on the 26th and 27th of May 2010 at King Abdulla Economic City “KAEC”  was held to determine the future of mot important vital resources in Saudi Arabia, water and energy.  A group of top people from different fields were gathered to brainstorm the challenges and the opportunities coming ahead and how Saudi Arabia can take a step forward in its promise to deliver water and energy to all the consumers in a way that satisfy the government and protect the environment.

From bankers to educators to business men and green youth, the participates had its share of variety which promoted creatively in all the ideas proposed. The workshop results will be eventually presented in the Saudi Water and Power Forum 2010 in October then it will be presented to the highest  concerned authority  in water and energy for implementation. Naqa’a team is proud of being part of such a great event and had a saying on how our natural resources  should be handled!

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