Real trees vs. Artificial trees

Professor Klaus Lackner thinks he may have found a green solution of tackling our current excessive use of fossil fuels. By invention an artificial trees capturing tones of carbon dioxide pumping into the atmosphere.  Artificial trees was one of the idea explored in the BBC 2 documentary Five Way to Save the world. .. These extraordinary invention help to mitigate our excessive burning of fossil fuels and its consequence, global warming

Prof. Lackner, has designed a synthetic tree, that mimics the function of natural trees whereby leaves pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air as it flows over them. Remove CO2 stored deep underground safely and permanently as he explains.  “Unlike in a real tree, where the leaves are spread out because they have to see sunshine for the purpose of photosynthesis, the leaves on an artificial tree could be packed much more tightly.

“That is one of the reasons why an artificial tree can collect much more CO2 than a natural tree,” he argues.

Although Professor Lackner only advocates the use of these artificial trees a way to save the world, while other scientist come up with alternative “carbon-neutral” energy sources.

Meanwhile Naqa’a environmental enterprise is encouraging, supporting and emphasis on planting real trees as it is and will be the easiest, safest, cheapest,  as well as the most sustainable and beautiful way that the humanity can do it in any time and place to reduce climate change and to save the world


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