Naqaa @ the Jeddah Young Businesses Expo 2010

In 5 consecutive days” Naqa’a” team have successfully delivered their social message to thousands of visitors who visited The Young Businesses Expo 2010 at the International Exhibitions Center in Jeddah which was held from 18 till 21  October 2010.  Naqa’s participation in the expo have helped greatly in raising environmental awareness and to link Naqa’a with the companies and organizations that have an environmental interest.

Naqa'a Team at the EXPO


Since the expo was open for everyone, we had many visitors from all backgrounds; educational, governmental, private sectors, public sector, and many more.

Norah Magraby, Naqa'a Co-founder, explaining to a family how they can be eco in a home setting

Muna AlAmer, Naqa'a Co-founder, explaining our services to one of the visitors

A special thanks should be addressed to WAMY for nominating us to participate in the EXPO and for the organizers who truly made this year’s EXPO the best of of all!

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