Who We Like: Free Rice!

CAPTION: Warning this game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance!

By Salma Al-Amoudi

Hey you! Yes, you! The one who’s probably been on the net for hours. Well, now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to show you how you can invest some of that time on the net to a better cause. Let me introduce you to the first article under the theme “WhoWe Like.” It goes without saying that the people (or websites, organizations, etc.) Naqa’a like are going to leave you, me, or someone off for the better, environmentally or otherwise.

We would like you to meet: Freerice!

You may be surprised to find out that the first website we feature is not really environmentally-related, but it is an organization that has helped so many people we found it hard to resist. Freerice is a website that asks users one question at a time. For each question you get right, 10 g of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. You can choose from all types of subjects: language learning, math, art, and much more!

Freerice was launched in 2007, and since then, it has fed millions of people! Over 86 billion grains have been donated, and you can contribute too! Join the Naqa’a group (called Naqa’a) and play every time you go online so we set the record for feeding the needy! Since its creation, Freerice has been a master at acting as a learning tool while making a positive impact worldwide. And next time you go online, you can change the world too! Just check out the website:


We look forward to your joining the group!

[Photo credit for Hunger & Malnutrition: UNEP; Others off google]

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1 Response to Who We Like: Free Rice!

  1. Abdulaziz Alnowaisser says:

    I Am Proud of you :).. Allah Yewafegek

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