Who We Like : SavesWatts.com!

Saves Watts is a search engine that has a black background, which uses less energy than white

By Salma Al-Amoudi

I bet you couldn’t tell, but saveswatts.com helps you… save energy! The idea’s simple genius is effective and to the point: saveswatts.com is a search engine powered by Google, the only difference is that it has a black black background, which helps you saves watts off your computer!

The idea is based on the fact that each color uses a certain amount of energy to be emitted, and black uses the least energy out of all the colors. So how effective is this really? Well, it’s estimated that if 0.01% of Google-users used SavesWatts, well we can save enough energy to power entire neighborhoods! So what are you waiting for, check saveswatts.com, make it your homepage to make the maximum effect, and SaveWatts with every search!

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