Naqaa Presenting at the ISDRC17, Columbia University

On May 2011, Naqa’a Co-founders presented at the (ISDRC), The International Sustainable Development Research Conference hosting by The Earth Institute at Colombia University in the city of New York.  The paper was presented in the form of posters titled Corporate Social Responsibility with A Developing Country Focus: Saudi Arabia, under  the  Corporate Sustainability Programs Session. The paper highlighted the motivations behind CSR projects in Saudi Arabia and how they differ from the international examples. In addition, Friend of Jeddah Parks was presented as a distinguished example of social development projects as a non-profit.

The conference explored what it would take to master the challenge of sustainable development in a future with increasing constraints, assuming that developing countries will continue to strive for improvements in their standard of living. At the same time the conference examined opportunities and mechanisms through which global society can move toward a sustainable future.

Naqa'a Poster

Poster Session

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1 Response to Naqaa Presenting at the ISDRC17, Columbia University

  1. Charles Savage says:

    How might we better see your poster. It looks terribly intriguing, but I could not read it.

    In any case, wonderful that you were there.


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