Our Water, Our Life – GCC Awareness Campaign Competition

BMG is calling upon students to be part of a GCC-wide student competition to find the most innovative, most impactful idea for raising awareness about our world’s diminishing water supplies, and how Arab homes can do their share in conserving water.

Creative Challenge:

To come up with a Campaignable idea (one which can be implemented) that addresses the global water crisis and inspires Arab homes around the GCC to embrace a culture of water conservation.

Proposals can be any of the following mediums (Mandatory):

Newspaper Ad (Full Page) – 300 DPI, PDF Format OR Youtube Video: 2-5 Minutes

Optional collaterals:
– TV commercial: 30 second clip
– Radio
– Outdoor (Billboards or Unipoles).
– Any other innovative non-traditional medium.

Starting from January 2012, the submission portal will be open through the following website http://www.bmgfoundation.com .Deadline for entries is April 30, 2012. Through the website students will create an account for their groups and upload their projects.
Friends, Family and supporters can vote for the best project.

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