Environmental Sustainability Mural by Santos In Jeddah

In collaboration with friends of Jeddah Parks, a wall 53 meters wide turned to a beautiful and meaningful piece of art by the artist Santos Orellana. The wall, which lies opposite to Faisal Sports Park in Al-Qurrayyat district, provide an aesthetic view for those who visit the park, blending graffiti and fine art in a celebration of creativity.

The artist covered the wall with artwork that evokes the importance of preserving and protecting the environment through sustainable development programs.

Using Arabic calligraphy in his graffiti artwork. A team of young volunteers, who live in Al-Qurrayyat neighborhood, participated in the painting and expressed their pride to be part of such an activity, which embraces artwork that is embedded with messages on environmental awareness.
the aim of this project is to raise awareness among residents in Jeddah about the importance of preserving the environment and parks through painting sophisticated graffiti with environmental and behavioral messages. He also explained that the project serves to reduce vandalism against private property.

Check out a video of the complete mural.


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