Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab

Naqaa Sustainability Solutions Launches

Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab in Jeddah, KSA

Young Saudi Men and Women Receive Inspiration and Support to Develop Business Concepts that Make Money and Meaning for Themselves and their Communities

Jeddah, KSA – On Sunday, 16 March 2014, Naqaa Sustainability Solutions inaugurated the Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab with the start of a 3-Day workshop at the Nesma Training Center in Jeddah. The first-of-its-kind initiative in Saudi Arabia aims to inspire and support young men and women in Saudi Arabia to develop business concepts that make money and meaning for themselves and their communities. With support from the Saudi-American Educational and Cultural Initiative, Naqaa’s corporate partners from the Washington Institute for Advancement (WIA) – a public affairs advisory group and social enterprise in Washington, DC – served as Master Trainers and provided leadership development support for the workshop. WIA will continue to support the development and implementation of future Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab activities in the coming year.

“The launch of the Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab represents the next phase in Naqaa’s corporate development as a social enterprise,” said Mouna Eusman, Managing Partner of Naqaa. “Our objective is to inspire, support and empower the next generation of Saudi social entrepreneurs by serving as mentors to enable them to turn their passions into profit, as we have done with Naqaa. The workshop at Nesma Training Center is the first in a series of activities that Naqaa will undertake as part of this exciting new initiative.”

Naqaa recognizes that many young men and women in Saudi Arabia have wonderful ideas for how to address needs in their communities. They just need a little support to build the business skills necessary to structure their ideas into plans with results. Through the Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab, aspiring social entrepreneurs will gain access to information and networks of people who understand what it’s like to launch a new initiative and want to help others to succeed. They will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills to start their own social ventures in the Kingdom.

The target audience for Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab is young men and women in Saudi Arabia who are passionate for a social cause; see a need in their community that they have a solution for; want to develop their leadership and business skills to help make their solution happen; and want to become social entrepreneurs. Examples of successful local social enterprise models were highlighted throughout the first workshop at Nesma Training Center and several networking opportunities were facilitated.

The 3-Day workshop at Nesma Training Center (NTC) that served as the launch of the Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship Idea Lab also inaugurated a new agreement between Naqaa and NTC through which Naqaa will serve as a “Community Shaper,” helping NTC achieve its vision of “a community of inspired, empowered people and organizations.” Naqaa is honored to help support NTC in achieving its vision.

Additional events and activities to be announced in the coming year.

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