Naqaa Social Entrepreneurship 101- KAUST 2015

Co-founders of Naqaa, Dr. Sarah Ghaleb and Mouna Eusman, were invited to take part in the Winter Enrichment Program ( WEP) promoted by the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center to deliver training sessions on social entrepreneurship. This goal of this new program is to offer participants a range of modules led by national and international practitioners to teaching the broad aspects of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through workshops, skill training, and events that are supplemental to the academic program.  It is also designed to cover not just ‘entrepreneurship’ as a startup idea, but ‘entrepreneurship as a mindset’ by including elements of linked subjects such like the social entrepreneurship concept and design thinking. 2015-01-14_1421237284

Naqaa co-founders delivered  two days of workshops geared towards potential social entrepreneurs in the perspective of a successful social enterprise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

WEP participants in the social entrepreneurship sessions were able to find different ways of problem solving and designing a sustainable and profitable social business model. These subjects are vital for the modern graduate, especially as many are engineers with products/inventions ready to market, as the commercial world is seeking workers who can think beyond their disciplinary area; those who understand innovation models.

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