Artpreneurship workshop

In November 8, 2017 Naqaa Sustainability Solutions designed and delivered the first Artpreneurship workshop

in collaboration with Humming Tree Community a coworking space that focuses on creativity and wellbeing.

We believe that everyone can contribute to capacity building the private sector and contributing greatly to the economy. Artpreneurs are a different type of entrepreneur, though, and traditional approaches to opening a business is different as they rely on creating demand and not addressing market need.

We custom designed this workshop to make sure that special attention was given to the creative artists and how they can brand themselves in such a competitive market.

“It was an honor and a pleasure to lead the first ever Artpreneur training in Saudi Arabia last week” says the Naqaa co-founders and trainers Dr. Sarah Ghaleb. “The market needs more creative artists that are thriving in this economy” Mouna Eusman added. The pair have been training in entrepreneurship part time over the last 7 years in Saudi and have to-date trained over a thousand participants in their workshops. We are proud resident trainers of the HummingTree Community, and we only offer this workshop limited times per year, so contact HummingTree for more interest and information at

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