Saudi Ladies Run For Earth

We as a generation are in journey of life in One Earth, where we need to realize the urge to conserve its natural resources and end pollutions, this feeling of doing our own effort has driven Naqaa Sustainability Solutions this year in coincide with the Earth Day 2018 to partner with Park Hyatt Hotel Jeddah – Marina and Blissrunners a local Non for-Profit female running group in  launching Run for Earth Initiative as part of the global campaign to End Plastic Pollution.

Run for Earth  aims to protect our planet through spreading awareness to ending plastic pollution and consumption, continue education on how to lower our carbon footprint, and promote to a happier, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that there is a greater need to inform people from all walks of society towards the harmful form of using plastic products, and to enable people to realize the importance of recycling, reusing, recovering and reducing plastic use.

It is with this belief that Naqaa brought people share similar passion together to run for a real cause. Naqaa has chosen Park Hyatt as the event’s partner and host, and the run was led by Blissrunners leaders as the event activity partner.  Over 40 ladies participated in the 3 KM RUN race, members of Blissrunners and Park Hyatt Spa members.


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