About us

Our Commitment:

We assist and advise companies in Saudi Arabia with designing, implementing and measuring their significant sustainability performance.

We work with diverse clients and partners in creating value through the introduction of sustainable solutions that tackle sustainable development challenges in Saudi Arabia.

Our Philosophy:

Our name is derived from the Arabic word Naqaa, which means “PURITY”/”INTEGRITY”- we value the universal right of strong, healthy communities with honest and fair approaches to sustainable development.

Contact us:

Phone: +966 54 990 0540

Email: Info@naqaa.com.sa




3 Responses to About us

  1. Sarah says:

    I will always admire your strength, courage, commitment, and dedication to making Saudia a better place for all. Keep up the incredible work, ladies!

  2. N. Suleik says:

    I also want to give back to the beautiful bride of the red sea and make it greener.

  3. You are incredible, Norah. Just read your story on Mosaic. Much love from a fellow Muslim social entrepreneur in Canada 🙂


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