Coinciding With the Global Recycling Day, Napco National Launches “Zero Waste Offices” Program in Head Offices Branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sustainability has always been an essential part of Napco National’s vision and mission. Driven by this belief, NAPCO has been keen to adhere to the principle of the circular economy for plastics within its industrial facilities. In line with its commitment, Napco National launches the “Zero Waste Offices” program in the head offices branches in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh to recycle plastic and paper waste in collaboration with Naqaa Solutions for recycling services.

Zero Waste Offices Program

The program was launched in Jeddah in 2020, where a number of containers designated for collecting paper, plastic and general waste were distributed in various places within the administrative offices, in order to facilitate employees’ access to the offices, and to dispose the waste in the appropriate containers, to be later collected by Naqaa Solutions for recycling. Coinciding with the Global Recycling Day this year, the program has expanded to include the head offices in Dammam and Riyadh as well.

This “Zero – Waste Offices” program is designed in line with the objectives of NAPCO’s Sustainability Program, which aims to preserve the environment and secure the future of the coming generations by finding innovative solutions to address the environmental problems that the planet suffers from such as the accumulation of waste and the consumption of natural resources.

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Repurpose your plastic waste from where you stand

As part of our innovative solutions for recycling and contributing to a more sustainable future, we would like to introduce you to our new reverse vending machines (RVM). The RVM can be used to collect designated recyclables and provide incentives in return. Beverage containers alone account for up to 50% of the volume in a typical trash bin. As a result, RVM Greeny is the perfect solution for a school, university, coffee shops, supermarket, stadium and many more venue options! These compact machines are free-standing and can accept all container types PET and/or CAN. The RVM has been specifically developed to provide a convenient return to involve the public in the process of recycling. It automatically separates and compacts drink containers and has been developed in full conformity with European environmental directives.

Riyadh’s First Green Cafe

Riyadh’s new ‘green’ lounge, Respire Lounge, is bringing in delicious coffee with a side of sustainability and look into the future of green cafes. The first of its kind cafe, runs on solar power, recycles plastics via Naqaa Solutions’ Reverse Vending Machine and boasts a simplistic yet contemporary design. Everything about this place brings peace to the mind and hope for a sustainable future.

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AQUAFINA AND NAQAA’s COMMUNITY recycling initiative

Aquafina and Naqaa Solutions’ recycling initiative is a unique and first of its kind project-a partnership aimed at involving the community in eco-friendly practices by encouraging recycling and a change in attitude towards disposing of plastics. Our role as Naqaa Solutions was to design and implement the project by introducing a recycling program in residential compounds, sports academies and malls. The model is being implemented for the first time in Saudi Arabia, where recycling bins are put in reach of households to dispose of plastic waste. After months of preparations and hard work, we have launched the initiative in hope to encourage more and more people to recycle!

You can spot our bins in these locations, and as always – recycling is as simple as checking the item for the recycling symbol, rinsing it or making sure it does not contain liquids or food and simply placing it in the recycling bin! Together we can work towards eco-friendly communities, after all our nation is beautiful and what better way to maintain its beauty by keeping it clean!

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‘Together For Our Planet’ campaign by the British Embassy in Riyadh

In November 2021 the UK, along with Italy, will host the UN climate change conference COP26 to bring together world leaders to commit to urgent global climate action. The British Embassy in Riyadh ran a local communications campaign in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness of COP26 and will work with local government organisation, partners, education leaders, NGOs, individuals, media and influencers to encourage society to think about how they can help reduce the effects of climate change. Naqaa Solutions took part in this campaign focused on Nature. Mouna Eusman co-founder Naqaa Solutions joined as a panelist at a virtual roundtable in March, titled Reusing and recycling: the effects of plastic in nature. Ahead of COP26, can we encourage a fundamental change in attitudes? The main objective of this webinar is to encourage policy makers and Saudi companies to pledge to make a real change to help slow the impact of climate change.

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Saudi Arabia supports the “circular carbon economy”


The leaders of the G20 have endorsed the concept of the ‘circular carbon economy’ (CCE) as a way to promote economic growth and manage emissions in all sectors. Championed by Saudi Arabia under its presidency of the G20, the CCE is framed as an extension of the circular economy and adds a new category – remove – to the established principles of reduce, reuse, recycle (the 3Rs) referring to removing carbon dioxide (CO2) both at the combustion stage and directly from the atmosphere.

The CCE is an integrated and inclusive approach toward more comprehensive, resilient, sustainable, and climate-friendly energy systems that support and enable sustainable development. It encourages countries to take advantage of all technologies, forms of energy, and mitigation opportunities, according to resource availability, economics, and national circumstances.

A circular economy seeks to use as few new raw materials and creates as little waste as possible. This also saves energy, which in turn reduces emissions. The focus of the circular economy, though, is not on managing carbon. We can reduce the amount of carbon that must be managed in the first place by using energy resources that do not create carbon, such as non-biomass renewables and nuclear power, alongside energy efficiency measures. Trees, plants, algae, etc already recycle carbon by drawing it from the atmosphere. CCE offers a way forward for Saudi Arabia and other countries with hydrocarbon resources to make meaningful contributions to mitigating climate change by shifting the focus toward carbon management. The CCE approach focuses on managing the carbon in hydrocarbons, while sustaining the benefits that oil and gas provide to producers, consumers, and economic prosperity. It offers pragmatic solutions to climate challenges, while contributing to sustainable economic development and diversification.

By: Diana Rifai

Sources: Arab News and Chatham House


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برنامج: إعادة التدوير في متاجر لوكسيتان

لنفعل دورنا في عجلة الاقتصاد الدائري و نحد من التلوث البيئي

في كل عام ، ينتهي الأمر بالملايين من عبوات مستحضرات التجميل والعناية بالبشرة في مكبات القمامة ومدافن النفايات. تحاول لوكسيتان أون بروفانس، من لحظة تطوير تركيبات منتجاتنها حتى الانتهاء بصناعة عبواتها، الحد من التأثيرات البيئية حيثما أمكن ذلك.

ولذلك قامت شركة لوكسيتان اون بروفانس بالشراكة مع نقاء الحلول المستدامة لإعادة تدوير العبوات الفارغه مما يساهم في تفعيل دور الاقتصاد الدائري في المجتمع وتحقيق إعادة تدويرعبوات التجميل الفارغة حتى لاينتهي بها الأمر في مرادم النفايات وتضر بالبيئة.

ستقدم لوكسيتان اون بروفانس قسيمة بقيمة 25 ريال سعودي عند اعادة التدوير مع كل عملية شراء بقيمة 250 ريال سعودي *

Let us play our part in the wheel of the circular economy, and reduce environmental pollution

Every year, millions of beauty and skincare packaging end up in dumpsters and landfills. From the creation of their formulas to the development of their packaging, L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE tries to limit environmental impacts wherever possible.

In order to contribute in solving the issue of waste, L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE has partnered with Naqaa Sustainability Solutions so its customers can simply recycle their empties at any of the L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE’s owned stores. The partnership will strengthen the company’s circular economy strategy through promoting the concept within the society.

Customers who take part of it receive a voucher worth SAR 25 with every 250 SAR purchase*

*Terms and condition apply

For more information, please visit:

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Recycling Aquafina at ABB FIA Formula E

Racegoers at the recent ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Diriyah made a sizable dent in plastic waste. In its post-event statistics dashboard, PepsiCo’s Saudi-based sustainable solutions partner Naqaa, noted that recycled plastic amounting to 2,630 kg was collected from 100 co-branded Aquafina recycling bins during the season-opening race.

The weight of the recycled bottles is equal to three performance-based Formula E electric race cars. The initiative reduced the event’s carbon footprint by saving the emission of 6,575 kg of carbon dioxide and conserving 69,576,000 BTUs of heat energy. It also represents a saving of 14.1 cubic meters of landfill space.

Nadim Nakfoor, MENA FOBO, senior vice president and business unit general manager for PepsiCo, thanked partners and the public, saying he was encouraged that so many visitors also wanted to help create a world where plastic never becomes waste.

Earlier this month Aquafina, the official beverage partner of the Formula E electric car race in Saudi Arabia, announced its intention to recycle plastic at the event and make it the most environmentally friendly car race yet. It handed out co-branded bottles, created numerous recycling points and partnered with Naqaa to sort, recover and track recycled items. By 2025, PepsiCo wants all its packaging to be 100 percent recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Previously published on Arabnews 

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Eid toy gifts bring joy to underprivileged Jeddah children

Hundreds of underprivileged Saudi children received a special surprise toy to mark the festival of Eid.

Campaigners in Jeddah organized the distribution of more than 3,000 gifts to needy youngsters to celebrate breaking the fast.

The “Eid Gift Donation” initiative, run by the city’s Naqaa Sustainability Solutions in collaboration with Iftar Sayum group, was aimed at putting a smile on the faces of disadvantaged children.

Mouna Othman, co-founder of Naqaa Sustainability Solutions, told Arab News that the idea behind the project was to give something back to the community. “As the main clients for our services are other businesses, I thought our employees needed to remember what our values were. To work in the sustainability field, we need to tackle the economic, environmental and social aspects.”

She said the main purpose of the campaign was to bring joy to underprivileged kids in pre-selected neighborhoods in south Jeddah.

With the help of local families during the month of Ramadan, Naqaa Sustainability Solutions received thousands of new and used toys. Eve’s Avenue Salon and Spa, the Humming Tree community center, and The Spot coworking space assisted in collecting the items.

After being donated at drop-off locations, the toys were sorted and packaged by young volunteers and employees from Naqaa and The Spot before being delivered to beneficiaries on the night Eid was announced.

“The toys were of all types, for boys and girls, aged up to 10 years old, and included items such as stuffed animals, puzzles, musical toys, buckets and blocks, dolls and dollhouses, cars, planes, bags, and coloring books,” Othman said.

The donations went to kids in Jama’a district that were identified by the Iftar Sayum group, led by Mohamed Toaimi, as well as Al-Quriyat district in collaboration with the Friends of Jeddah Parks organization.

“Eid is joy, and as a kid, toys and candies bring joy. I’ve been voluntary working and supporting Toaimi’s group of Iftar Sayum, and we noticed that there were some underprivileged kids that did not have toys to play with,” Othman added.

“What could have been better timing than Ramadan? Some of these kids have never had toys of their own in their lives and it is incredibly heartwarming to know that we added some more excitement for Eid.”

The recycling of toys for the campaign represented what Naqaa Sustainability Solutions stood for, she said.


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Saudi Ladies Run For Earth

We as a generation are in journey of life in One Earth, where we need to realize the urge to conserve its natural resources and end pollutions, this feeling of doing our own effort has driven Naqaa Sustainability Solutions this year in coincide with the Earth Day 2018 to partner with Park Hyatt Hotel Jeddah – Marina and Blissrunners a local Non for-Profit female running group in  launching Run for Earth Initiative as part of the global campaign to End Plastic Pollution.

Run for Earth  aims to protect our planet through spreading awareness to ending plastic pollution and consumption, continue education on how to lower our carbon footprint, and promote to a happier, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that there is a greater need to inform people from all walks of society towards the harmful form of using plastic products, and to enable people to realize the importance of recycling, reusing, recovering and reducing plastic use.

It is with this belief that Naqaa brought people share similar passion together to run for a real cause. Naqaa has chosen Park Hyatt as the event’s partner and host, and the run was led by Blissrunners leaders as the event activity partner.  Over 40 ladies participated in the 3 KM RUN race, members of Blissrunners and Park Hyatt Spa members.


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اليوم العالمي للمياه 2018 تسخير الطبيعة من أجل المياه

شهدت حديقة أميرة طرابلسي للسيدات والأطفال التابعة لجمعية أصدقاء حدائق جدة في حي القريات بجنوب جدة فعالية الاحتفال بيوم الماء العالمي التي نظمها شركة نقاء الحلول المستدامة بالمشاركة مع مؤسسة تكية للترفيه ومجموعة من الطالبات المتطوعات في جامعة عفت المهتمات بالبيئة. وقد تخلل الفعالية تنظيم عدة أركان توعوية تهدف إلى أهمية المحافظة على الماء. فقد اشتملت الفعالية على عرض إرشادات توعوية تهدف إلى المحافظة على المياه وكذلك مسابقة تجميع عبوات المياه البلاستيكية وفرزها، وكذلك تم تعليم الاطفال كيفية ترشيد استهلاك المياه من خلال مشاهدة مقطع فيديو ترفيهي توعوي تعليمي خاص بالأطفال وركن الرسم.

هذا واكدت السيدة زكية بندقجي رئيس البرامج في جمعية اصدقاء حدائق جدة ان الهدف من تتظيم هذه الفعاليات البيئية بالتعاون مع نقاء الحلول المستدامة هو غرس الوعي البيئي في نفوس النشء وتعليمهم على كيفية المحافظة على هذا المورد المهم في حياتنا وهوا الماء حتى نصل الى خلق جيل واعي بيئياً يحافظ على موارد الوطن والماء هو جزء مهم في حياتنا فيجب استهلاكه بترشيد.

يذكر أن اليوم العالمي للمياه هو حدث سنوي يصادف يوم 22 مارس للاحتفال بيوم الماء العالمي لرفع مستوى الوعي العام حول أهمية الماء في حياتنا ونشر ثقافة الترشيد للمحافظة على موارد المياه. وشعار حملة هذا العام “الجواب في الطبيعة” حيث يهدف الى كيفية تسخير الطبيعة من أجل المياه، ألا وهو الحلول القائمة على الطبيعة لمواجهة التحديات المتعلقة بالمياه وتخفيف آثار تغير المناخ، وتحسين صحة الإنسان لتحقيق أهداف التنمية المستدامة 2030.

نقاء الشريك البيئي لجمعية اصدقاء حدائق جدة لتفعيل برامج بيئية توعوية التي تهدف الى رفع مستوى الوعي لدى افراد المجتمع.


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