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Saudi Ladies Run For Earth

We as a generation are in journey of life in One Earth, where we need to realize the urge to conserve its natural resources and end pollutions, this feeling of doing our own effort has driven Naqaa Sustainability Solutions this … Continue reading

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Earth Day Celebration 2017

Naqaa sustainability solutions in collaboration with Greenzie a local initiative from The Global Shapers Community – Jeddah hub organized an event to commemorate Earth Day in April 22. The event was held at Amira Park – a public park for women … Continue reading

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“صافولا” تبني “جسورها” مع “نقاء” لحلول الاستدامة

وقعت مجموعة صافولا اتفاقية مع شركة «نقاء» لحلول الاستدامة، تهدف الى لإعادة تدوير المهملات المكتبية في مكاتب الإدارة العامة للمجموعة ونشر الوعي البيئي بين موظفيها. ولقد قام بتوقيع الاتفاقية كل من الدكتور عبد الرؤوف منَّاع – العضو المنتدب لمجموعة صافولا … Continue reading

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Beyond Recycling: Going Green in Saudi Arabia

Ask most people in Saudi Arabia what they know about going green and the first thing they say is “recycling.” There seems to be a lot of buzz around recycling, especially in Jeddah. That’s good in the sense that more … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…and Rethink

Sustainability for consumer durables demands deeper thinking than the simple “reduce,reuse, recycle” framework. And unlike consumables, where the responsibility for rethinking falls on consumers, for durables, the primary rethinking job belongs to business executives and environmental regulators. A rethinking of … Continue reading

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Recycling vs. Upcycling: What is the difference?

Over the last decade the term “Upcycling” has been coined and worked into the discourse of sustainability efforts. It appeared in William McDonough’s book, Cradle to Cradle. It has yet to earn itself mainstream popularity, but its necessity as a … Continue reading

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The OIC Going Green with Naqaa!

The first of September 2010, marked the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the OIC “Organization of The Islamic Conference” and Naqa’a Environmental Enterprise for a new project under the title “OIC Going Green”. According to the … Continue reading

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